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At Career Unfolded, we leverage revolutionary techniques to boost your confidence, reveal your true value to yourself and employers -- ultimately getting you the career you want and the pay you deserve!

How do we do this? It's simple. As Stephen Covey has advocated to millions of people throughout the world, "we begin with the end in mind." The only way to really secure the career and pay you deserve is to communicate your VALUE to the employer. As simple as this is, it is a learned art that will take you to the next level in your career -- no matter what your level or discipline. We are talking about pure marketing and sales -- the art of selling yourself!

Hands down, a professional and unique résumé is critical to landing the job you want and deserve, but be prepared... A new résumé will only get you an interview. You must be able to communicate the same value in the interview, as on your résumé, with congruent and succinct messages -- that's what we do differently.

We are not just résumé writers! We are résumé strategists, career strategists, masters of communication in writing and speaking -- and we'll help you become a master too!

We work with our clients on an individual basis to:

  • Create a succinct and personalized résumé that will get you interviews.
  • Teach you how to master the art of interviewing and secure the job offer.
  • Develop a career growth strategy that gets you results.

    Whether you have clear visions of your career path, or need to work on defining it, we'll get you where you want to be!
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