The interview is the ONLY opportunity you will have to sell yourself and ultimately secure the job offer. So, we have to ask the question, "Why do 99.9% of all candidates fail to prepare for this single, most important opportunity?"

Most professionals spend 12 years in high school and 4 or more years in college to develop a specialty in engineering, business management, information technology, medicine, or other discipline -- yet they spend an hour writing their résumé and virtually zero time preparing for the one shot at their dream job! As a result, one study found that 93% of employers claimed most candidates demonstrated just average interview skills - at best!

Everyone must be capable of marketing and selling themselves before they can use the skills developed in college or elsewhere. Still, most people are paralyzed at the thought of walking into an interview. WHY? -- Because we never learned how to sell ourselves! We know how to do the job, but we don't know how to convince an employer that we are the best candidate.

It all comes down to value and the art of communication -- that's what an interview is!

A creative, professional résumé can get anyone an interview, but it won't get you the job! You still have to close the deal with the interview process!

Our coaching services will give you the knowledge and practice to:

· Formulate a strategy that will put you in control.
· Build your confidence and reduce nervousness.
· Master the art of interviewing and communication.
· Read the “real” question and provide the relevant answer.
· Leverage body language in your delivery.
· Negotiate the salary package you deserve.

There is no substitute for practice when preparing for your one shot at that dream job. That's why we use the ultimate technology for interview preparation -- video! There's no better way to build confidence than seeing yourself improve with every practice session.

Coaching is priced at just $50 per half hour. Combine with job search strategy coaching for the ultimate value!

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